BlackBerry® Classic™

Feature highlights:

    • Physical keyboard with classic BlackBerry® navigation keys
    • 3.5-inch Corning® Gorilla® Glass touch screen
    • Download the latest Android apps through the Amazon Appstore
    • Excellent battery life that provides up to 22 hours of power
    • BlackBerry® Blend™ – brings messaging and content that’s on your BlackBerry to your computer and tablet
    • Access to Canada`s largest LTE network
    • Mobile payments ready

“BlackBerry has hit one out of the park with its new BlackBerry Classic.”
– IT World Canada


The classic BlackBerry® typing experience

The BlackBerry® Classic’s physical keyboard helps you to type quickly, accurately and effortlessly. The physical navigation buttons are a key feature of the device, allowing you to start and end calls, and navigate through apps and other on-screen activities with ease.


Built to last

Built with premium materials, the BlackBerry® Classic has been designed to last. Featuring a 3.5 inch Corning® Gorilla® Glass screen, surrounded by a sleek metal frame, the Blackberry® Classic provides users with a durable and damage-resistant design.


Download the latest Android apps through the Amazon Appstore

In addition to the current lineup of apps offered through BlackBerry® World™, the BlackBerry® Classic lets you download the latest Android apps through the Amazon Appstore. Whether it’s for work, or play, BlackBerry has the apps for you.


Battery life you can depend on

The BlackBerry® Classic has a powerful battery that provides up to 22 hours of battery life. Plus, switch to Battery Saving Mode to conserve power and keep your device going in the times you need it most.


Bring your messages and content to your desktop or tablet

Get instant access to your BlackBerry® smartphone messages and applications right on your desktop or tablet, with the new BlackBerry® Blend software. You can now get message notifications, as well as read and respond to emails, texts and other messages, regardless of what device or operating system you are using.


Blazing-fast LTE speeds

The BlackBerry® Classic runs on Canada’s largest LTE network1, reaching super-fast maximum download speeds of up to 150 Mbps2 (expected average download of 18-40 Mbps). With our rollout of 110 Mbps speeds, we increased our network speeds by up to 45%.3 Unlike some other carriers, the Bell network never falls back to 2G, so you can access blazing-fast speeds in more places.